The Great Georgia Pollinator Census – Becky Griffin – 067Craig McManus
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The Great Georgia Pollinator Census – Becky Griffin - 067

It’s no accident insects are a critical part of putting good food on your table.

Becky Griffin knows pollinators count. Now she is counting the pollinators in the 2022 The Great Georgia Pollinator Census.

Your state could be next.

Being a self-confessed “Geeky Kid” with a great love for insects Becky wore out the bee book in her local library.

Now Becky is the coordinator of The Great Georgia Pollinator Census taking place this year on August 19th and 20th, 2022.

In this episode we will find out how insects and their supporting habitat make a difference.

Becky tells us the simple pollinator counting method for collecting important data to be used by the University of Georgia researchers. This valuable data reveals pollinator trends and is needed to conduct economic valuation studies of pollination.

This is episode 067 - The Great Pollinator Census - Becky Griffin and is an updated and remix of episode 019.

Becky is a Georgia Certified Beekeeper and works with community and school gardeners to increase beneficial insect habitat.

She is also part of UGA's Native Plants and Beneficial Insect Working Group .

You will want to hear episode 18 “Gardening with Children” when you finish this episode 19 of The Garden Question Podcast.

Connect with Becky: Becky Griffin is the Community and School Garden Coordinator for University of Georgia Extension.

Website: The Great Georgia Pollinator Census

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