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“The Garden Question” is a podcast for people that love designing, building and growing smarter gardens that work.

Listen in as we talk with successful garden designers, builders, and growers. Discovering their stories along with how they think, work, and grow.

This is your next step in creating a beautiful year-round, environmentally connected, low maintenance, and healthy thriving outdoor spaces!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert there will always be something inspiring when you listen to “The Garden Question” podcast.

Hello! I’m your host Craig McManus.

Every week I look forward to bringing you the best of the best with “The Garden Question” Podcast. Guest’s inspiring stories encouraging you along your garden adventure with real hands in the dirt experience not just regurgitated internet gobbley gook.

At the point of podcast launch, I have recorded 12 episodes of “The Garden Question”. Each guest interview brings a unique entertaining take and valuable time-tested garden insights.

In a world where we expect results at the touch of a screen, wise gardeners will tell you it is a process like farming. What we do in the garden today may start a process that takes place over months or even years. Patients’ rules. Gardens respond to our action or inaction.

My desire is that each episode of “The Garden Question” podcast contributes to your success and confidence.

I’m your host Craig McManus and for over 38 years I have served garden lovers with a company I founded and named  McPlants.

The first 7 years the company served customers  as a Retail Garden center. It morphed into a landscape design / build company focusing on plant installations and hardscape construction.

Experiencing severe droughts inspired me to learn irrigation principles and to begin installing irrigation systems. Low voltage lighting soon followed.

It wasn’t long before our clients began asking for hardscape elements like concrete pavers, retaining walls, fire features. All leading to designing and building a total outdoor living experience in our client’s garden spaces.

I design, build and grow mostly in zone 7 west of Atlanta, Georgia USA. My experience are from that part of the gardening world.

Much of what our guests and I talk about should easily translate to your garden. Some possible adjustments in plant materials, timing, soil, growing zone, and other unique factors may be needed.

Our intent is to focus on science based, proven, healthy garden growing principles.

Where sound science and art principles meet, we believe good garden design begins.

How the garden space functions is so important. Wrapping that function with environmentally connected beauty wins every day.

As you listen to the Garden question focus on the principle the guest is presenting in their stories. Apply the principle to your design for a one-of-a-kind space.

You will always encounter gravity when building garden  structures. Just like wind, fire, and rain creative structures and hardscapes need to be built to counter act these forces. Always build according to your local condition, local codes, and proven construction techniques.

I look forward to discovering with you how our guest think, build, and grow smarter gardens that work.

I have meet and learned from some of the finest garden creators. I hope to share their knowledge and expertise with you in our interviews.

My goal is that every episode is well worth your time and is a part of your successful gardening journey. That you will find it valuable enough to generously share “The Garden Question” Podcast with your friends, relatives, and neighbors.

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Now it is time    to launch   “The Garden Question”. A podcast for people that love designing, building and growing smarter gardens that work. I’m Craig McManus and I will see you in these inaugural episodes.

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