Proper Agronomics for Healthy Turf Grass – Dr. Clint Waltz – 049Craig McManus
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Proper Agronomics for Healthy Turf Grass – Dr. Clint Waltz - 049

Do you ever get frustrated with your Turf Grass?

In this episode 049 Proper Agronomics for Healthy Turf Grass, we talk with Dr. Clint Waltz about solutions to your frustrations.

The current research into practices and efforts to lowing the inputs into successful turf grass.

How turf grass ecoservices brings good things to our environment.

We also talk about the benefits and hurdles to auto mowing.

Dr. Waltz has state-wide responsibilities in all areas of turfgrass management, including turfgrass water use and conservation.

Clint is published in scientific journals and makes regular contributions to the newsletters of the State’s trade associations.  Furthermore, he makes numerous presentations from a range of turfgrass professionals, county extension agents and homeowner groups.

Our conversation with Dr. Clint Waltz after this.

UGA Turfgrass Field Day

The University of Georgia Turfgrass Research Field Day is set for Thursday, Aug. 3, on the UGA campus in Griffin, Georgia.

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