Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts – Kim Roman – 146Craig McManus
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Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts - Kim Roman - 146

Herbs have been around forever, but how well do you understand them? In this episode we have a conversation with Kim Roman.

Kim Roman shares her expertise, derives from her forthcoming book "Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts."

We talk about various topics concerning growing, using, and appreciating herbs.

How do you differentiate culinary herbs from medicinal ones,

the overlapping roles of herbs and spices,

understanding botanical names,

keys to successfully growing herbs,

turning herbs into elegant and practical crafts,

creating herb oils, mocktails, and understanding tisanes.

We also touch on the role of an herbalist, maintaining and promoting wellness with herbs, and common and unique uses for herbs in cooking and garnishing.


Time Line

00:04 Introduction to the Garden Question Podcast

00:42 Understanding the World of Herbs with Kim Roman

01:07 Distinguishing Between Culinary and Medicinal Herbs

01:19 The Importance of Botanical Names in Herbology

01:25 Keys to Successfully Growing Herbs

01:38 The Role of an Herbalist and Wellness with Herbs

01:57 Understanding Culinary Herbs vs Medicinal Herbs

03:07 The Overlapping Roles of Herbs and Spices

04:00 The Importance of Knowing Your Plant

05:07 Key Elements for Successful Herb Growing

06:00 The Art of Container Gardening

08:34 Understanding the Herb Spiral

12:19 Choosing the Right Herbs for Your Garden

13:45 Understanding Plant Profiles

17:14 Harvesting and Processing Herbs for Optimal Results

25:27 Creating Herb Oils, Mocktails, and More

26:46 Cooking with Herbs: Tips and Tricks

31:16 Creating Herb-Forward Cocktails and Mocktails

32:11 Creating Unique Cocktails with Herbs

33:24 The Rise of Mocktails and Health Consciousness

33:58 Understanding Tisanes and Herbal Teas

34:47 The Role of Herbs in Wellness and Illness Prevention

36:11 The Role and Importance of an Herbalist

40:14 Crafting with Herbs: The Rosemary Wreath

42:03 Introducing the Book: Growing Herbs for Health, Wellness, Cooking, and Crafts

47:36 The Value of Starting Small in Gardening

48:17 The Reality of Gardening: Not Everything Goes Right

54:47 The Importance of Latin Names in Gardening

54:57 The Beauty and Peace Found in Gardening

55:41 Learning from Gardening Mistakes: The Importance of Studying Your Land

57:42 The Love for Unique Plants: The Golden Dragon Fruit

58:14 Connecting with the Gardening Community

58:57 Conclusion: The Joy and Lessons of Gardening

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