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Learn to grow Epic Tomatoes 

with Joe Lamp'l 

& Craig LeHoullier.


Craig LeHoullier is known for many things in the tomato world. Some know him as the NC Tomatoman. Some know him as the fellow who named the very popular heirloom tomato Cherokee Purple.

To others, he is the author of two books Epic Tomatoes and Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales.

Craig is the co-host of Tomatopalooza and a co-leader of the Dwarf Tomato Breeding Project.

Around town in Henderson or Raleigh North, Carolina, you may know him as just the odd person with a garden where the driveway used to be.

Craig proclaims to be a tomato nut with a website, a blog, a newsletter, and a huge collection of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

In reality Craig LeHoullier pursues with a passion heirloom tomatoes to help keep them relevant.

Growing Epic Tomatoes Course 

 You will learn and may ask any tomato question you can think of in a weekly live session with Craig LeHoullier and Joe Lamp’l. They’ll be growing their own tomatoes right along with you. Celebrating your successes and discovering solutions to this season’s challenges. The early significantly discounted course sign up period is now open for a very short time. Go to here check it out. That’s Growing Epic Tomatoes in your garden.

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Growing Epic Tomato - Craig LeHoullier - 046