Cultivating Your Epic Tomatoes – Craig LeHoullier -162Craig McManus
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Craig LeHoullier is known for many things in the tomato world. Some know him as the NC Tomatoman. Some know him as the fellow who named the very popular heirloom tomato Cherokee Purple.

To others, he is the author of two books Epic Tomatoes and Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales.

Craig is the co-host of Tomatopalooza and a co-leader of the DwarfTomato Breeding Project.

Around town in Henderson or Raleigh North, Carolina, you may know him as just the odd person with a garden where the driveway used to be.

Craig proclaims to be a tomato nut with a website, a blog, a newsletter, and a huge collection of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

In reality Craig LeHoullier pursues with a passion heirloom tomatoes to help keep them relevant.

 This is episode 162, Cultivating Your Epic Tomatoes with Craig LeHoullier. An encore and remixed presentation of

episode 046 on The Garden Question Podcast.

Cultivating Epic Tomatoes with Craig LeHoullier

This episode of the Garden Question Podcast, hosted by Craig McManus, features Craig LeHoullier, an expert in heirloom tomatoes, to discuss the ins and outs of tomato cultivation, selecting varieties, and his contributions to tomato breeding, including the creation of Cherokee Purple, Cherokee Chocolate, and Cherokee Green varieties.

LeHoullier shares his passion for tomatoes, strategies for selecting the right varieties for different uses, the importance of community in gardening, and advice on gardening techniques.

Highlighting his experiences and lessons learned through decades of gardening, LeHoullier aims to inspire both new and experienced gardeners to explore the diversity and joy of growing tomatoes.

Time Line

00:00 Welcome to The Garden Question Podcast

00:42 Meet Craig LaHoollier: The Tomato Virtuoso

02:13 Diving Deep into Tomato Varieties and Selection

04:55 Gardening Techniques and Challenges

10:02 Learning from Last Year's Garden

15:56 The Fascinating Story of Cherokee Purple

21:47 Tomato Color Mutations and Surprises

25:34 The Perishability and Seasonality of Produce

26:21 The Science Behind Supermarket Tomatoes

27:45 Embracing Seasonal Eating Habits

28:37 Journey to Writing 'The Epic Tomatoes'

32:27 The Dwarf Tomato Project: A Gardening Revolution

38:39 Gardening Mistakes and Learning Opportunities

41:07 Expanding the Garden Community

43:30 Reflecting on Gardening Influences and Memories

45:21 Engaging with the Gardening Community