Cultivating Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Special in the Garden – 137Craig McManus
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Cultivating Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Special in the Garden – 137


In this Thanksgiving special episode of the Garden Question Podcast, host Craig McManus brings together a variety of influential guests from previous episodes to talk about what they are thankful for, both in the garden and in life. The episode kickstarts with Brent Heath, a flower bulb company owner, who shares his gratitude towards his family, God, and the freedoms of living in the U.S., Dan Benarcik, a horticulturalist, Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener magazine, Russell Camp, a horticulture instructor, Mike Cunningham, of the Country Gardens Farm, David Roberts, Director of Plant Breeding for Bailey Innovations, and Shelley Cram from also share their expressions of gratitude. The host concludes the episode with a heartening monologue expressing his own feelings of gratitude for the podcast's growth, learning, the ecosystem supported by the soil, and the human tendency to grow amidst imperfections.

00:00 Introduction to the Thanksgiving Special

01:10 Guest 1: Brent Heath Gratitude

02:47 Guest 2: Dan Benarcik Appreciation for the Horticulture Community

04:17 Guest 3: Kathy Jentz Gratitude for Harvest and Gardening

06:46 Guest 4: Russell Camp Gratitude for Early Horticulture Support

08:04 Guest 5: Mike Cunningham Gratitude for Family and Farming

09:00 Guest 6: David Roberts Appreciation for Return to Normalcy

10:35 Guest 7: Shelley Cram Gratitude for Gardening and Family

11:59 Host's Reflections on Gratitude

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