Choosing and Growing the Right Summer Bulbs for Your Garden – Brent Heath – 153Craig McManus
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Choosing and Growing the Right Summer Bulbs for Your Garden – Brent Heath - 153


In this episode we talk with Brent Heath of Brent and Becky's Bulbs exploring the vibrant world of summer-blooming bulbs.

He guides us through making the most out of our gardens with these colorful gems taking center stage.

We cover selecting the right bulbs for various garden needs, planting techniques and soil preparation.

Brent shares his wisdom of many growing seasons discussing the importance of compost, the handling of bulbs, and mulching. He addresses common problems such as moisture management and pest control.

His insightful tips on garden planning for continuous blooms from spring to autumn, leveraging bulb combinations for vibrant color themes, and encouraging biodiversity with pollinator-friendly choices are also provided.

Additionally, Brent delves into his family's gardening heritage, their commitment to organic practices, and the joy gardening brings to both the gardener and the community.

Time Line

00:00 Welcome to the Garden Question Podcast!

00:42 Diving Into the World of Summer Blooming Bulbs with Brent Heath

02:00 Expert Tips on Selecting and Planting Summer Bulbs

04:16 Navigating Common Bulb Growing Challenges

14:40 Maximizing Your Garden's Potential with Bulb Combinations

18:01 Innovative Gardening: Mixing Annuals, Perennials, and Edibles

20:10 Fragrant Bulbs and Pollinator Favorites

22:08 Discovering Fragrant Summer Blooms

22:29 Exploring Unique and Long-Lasting Flowers

23:31 The Aromatic World of Lavender and Monarda

26:20 Innovative Gardening with Summer Blooming Bulbs

27:00 The Magic of Giant Topicals in Your Garden

29:29 A Family Legacy in Bulb Gardening

32:26 Gardening Wisdom: Challenges, Styles, and Memorable Experiences

40:41 Brent and Becky's Bulbs: A Hub for Garden Enthusiasts