Breaking the Garden Mold: A Conversation on Garden Constraints and Adaptation – Marianne Willburn -144Craig McManus
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Breaking the Garden Mold: A Conversation on Garden Constraints and Adaptation - Marianne Willburn - 144

In episode 144 of the Garden Question podcast, host Craig McManus interviews Marianne Wilburn, a garden writer and expert.

opinion columnist for the American Horticultural Society's The American Gardener and is a contributing editor at

She authored the exciting book, Tropical Plants and How to Love Them, and her first book, Big Dreams and Small Gardens. Marianne's work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Better Homes and Gardens. In this episode, we talk about challenging the norms that may be holding you back in your gardening endeavors.

Wilburn shares her insights on gardening and breaking free from conventional norms and constraints. They discuss dealing with garden centers' choices, HOA regulations, and the controversial norm of only using native plants.

Wilburn encourages listeners to embrace gardening as a transformative and creative experience and urges them to question the norm, understand the dynamics of ecosystems, and learn the adaptation of environmental changes.

They delve into the importance of visualizing the garden, nurturing it slowly, and using the trial-and-error process, further discussing how patience plays a critical role in cultivating a successful garden.

Wilburn also emphasizes the significance of nurturing real-world relationships with other gardeners, learning from them, and sharing knowledge and experiences.


Time Line

00:03 Introduction to the Garden Question Podcast

00:41 Conversation with Mary Ann Wilburn: Unearthing Garden Wisdom

01:33 Challenging Norms in Gardening

01:52 The Debate: Native vs Non-Native Plants

02:21 Visualizing Your Garden: The Key to Success

02:38 Breaking Free from Conventional Gardening

03:04 Constraints in Gardening: A Discussion

03:33 The Impact of HOAs on Gardening

04:04 The Fear of Getting it Wrong in Gardening

05:20 The Role of Personal Taste in Gardening

09:20 The Debate on Native and Non-Native Plants

10:50 The Impact of Climate Change on Gardening

23:00 The Constraints of HOAs on Gardening

27:25 The Role of Turf in Gardening

33:53 The Evolution of Flora and Fauna

40:06 Understanding the Evolution of Life on Earth

40:33 Applying Evolutionary Concepts to Current Times

40:52 The Role of Adaptation in Species Survival

42:07 The Importance of Scientific Inquiry and Open-Mindedness

43:23 The Role of Humans in the Natural Order

44:34 Encouraging Open Conversations and Inquiry

45:47 The Art of Garden Design and Maintenance

50:52 The Importance of Patience and Stewardship in Gardening

55:22 The Journey of a Gardening Professional

58:20 Learning from Gardening Mistakes

01:03:30 The Value of Personal Relationships in Gardening

01:07:22 Exploring Garden Rant: A Platform for Garden Writers

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