A Word with Fredrick Law Olmsted – Kirk R. Brown – 063Craig McManus
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063 – A Word with Fredrick Law Olmsted – Kirk R. Brown

It’s been over 200 years since he was born.

People still absorb his parks and public gardens in more than 5,000 communities across the North American continent.

The goal is to “give the common man in this New World the same opportunity to experience creation as any king in his private preserve from the Old World.”

Frederick Law Olmsted is prevalently pronounced the father of American landscape architecture.

In this Episode 063 – A Word with Fredrick Law Olmsted – (interpreted by) Kirk R. Brown

Kirk R. Brown is a member of the International Garden Communicator’s Hall of Fame. He is a Green Achiever being recognized with many industry awards.

He represented Joanne Kostecky Garden Design as a leader in the design/build industry.

At America’s Oldest Garden in Charleston SC, he worked as National Outreach Coordinator.

He is a past president of

In the US and Canada, he has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses, guest lectures, teaching symposia, and certified instruction over the past quarter century.

He is also known to interpret historic horticulturists and international dignitaries: John Bartram, and Frederick Law Olmsted.

With it all, he still finds time to cultivate his own private display garden.

Join him now as he unveils his views on Olmsted’s in this Bicentennial year.

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