151 – American Roots: A Conversation with Nick McCulloughCraig McManus
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American Roots: A Conversation with Nick McCullough - 151

In this episode we talk with award-winning garden designer Nick McCullough.

He has developed a distinctive style he calls Midwest Modern, one that relies on a balance of natural paving and innovative perennial plantings.

Based in Ohio, he and his team at McCullough’s Landscape & Nursery create and maintain plant centric gardens in and around the Midwest that are both ecologically sensitive and family-forward.

His first book American Roots which he co-authored with his wife Allison and Teresa Woodard has recently been published by Timber Press.

This is episode 151 – American Roots: A Conversation with Nick McCullough on the Garden Question Podcast.

Unveiling Nick McCullough's Gardening Philosophy

In episode 151 of The Garden Question Podcast, host Craig McManus interviews award-winning garden designer Nick McCullough, exploring his distinctive 'Midwest Modern' gardening style that combines natural paving with innovative perennial plantings.

McCullough talks about his design process, his plant-centric approach, his company's operations in Columbus, Ohio, and his passion for containers inspired by his travels.

He also discusses his love for texture over color in the garden, breaking conventional gardening rules, and the influence of his artistic background on his work.

Additionally, McCullough touches on his book, 'American Roots', co-authored with Allison McCullough and Teresa Woodard, which showcases 20 unique gardens across the United States, emphasizing the diversity and creativity of American gardeners.

The podcast highlights the importance of low-maintenance, environmentally-conscious gardening options like gravel gardens, the value of repurposing materials, and the concept of rewilding.

McCullough's personal gardening experiences, inspirations, and future plans are also shared, offering listeners an in-depth look at his holistic approach to designing, building, and growing smarter gardens.


00:00 Introduction to the Garden Question Podcast

00:41 Meet the Guest: Award-Winning Garden Designer Nick McCullough

01:30 Understanding Nick's Gardening Design Style

01:56 Inside Nick's Company: McCullough's Landscape and Nursery

02:44 The Art of Designing and Growing Container Gardens

03:32 Exploring the Importance of Texture in Gardening

06:12 Breaking the Rules in the Garden

07:56 The Art of Repurposing in Gardening

08:57 Unveiling the Book: American Roots

13:03 Exploring the Concept of Rewilding

14:09 The Journey of Writing the Book: American Roots

15:48 Behind the Scenes of a Typical Garden Shoot

17:47 Garden Photography Tips and Tricks

18:38 The Future of American Roots

19:27 Garden Design Philosophy

19:54 Container Gardening and Watering Techniques

20:59 Gardening Memories and Influences

22:54 The Horticulture Profession and Personal Garden

23:58 Gardening as a Fine Art

25:12 Influences and Future Plans for the Garden

26:07 Gardening Mistakes and Lessons

28:13 Gardening Love and Future Plans

32:24 Connecting with Nick McCullough

32:35 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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